With all the outdoor activities I do, I needed something I could carry around without   having the bulk of a reflex camera but that could take pictures I could use professionally. Then I used my last few day to find a reference about great camera for traveling, and guess what, I found a great resource regarding smart camera called NX2000.  When I read the reviews, I suddenly noticed that this is the best digital compact camera of the year, this camera really suitable for me.

Do you remember my last article about how useless DSLR camera when you are traveling? What’s the best camera that can handle every kind of photo situation, but still at a reasonable price? Well, Samsung NX2000 answers all of the questions. I would sacrifice bulk for all its capabilities.

If You Think You’re Smart Enough to say that DSLR is the best camera, check this one out:

Samsung NX2000 has an extra-large sensor larger than a DSLRs, it uses a large 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. It will produce extremely sharp and highly detailed images. Believe me, NX2000 has unbeaten image quality capture, great color reproduction and noise reduction. With this camera I don’t need to bring extra tripod so my heavy DSLR can take a long speed photography at night or low light situation. NX2000 will give me clean images in any light with ISO range from 100 to 25,600. It will be easier when I have to take a picture of sunrise or sunset.


Traveling is about to captures any moment. I need a fast enough camera to shot everything and never let any moment pass me by. As a traveler often I found a situation when I had to take scenery when I was on the moving bus. As a journalist I have to bring my camera everywhere so I can get accidental incident immediately. And DSLR is too big and heavy so it will restrictive my movement and not flexible.

When other digital camera doesn’t fast enough to capture moving object like sports, Samsung NX2000 has a super-fast lens. It has a shutter speed from 30-1/4,000 second and 8 frame per second continuous shooting. When I want to take a picture of moving object, or when I am running to catch the object, Samsung NX2000 will give me a blur free images.

The menus are insane, there aren’t any physical menu buttons. Go ahead, call me lazy – whatever. Come on, you must be kidding me. This is Samsung NX2000 mirror less smart compact camera, it has a large 3.7-inch capacitive touch screen and does away with the mode dial. Taking advantage of the screen real estate, you pick your shooting modes via an onscreen menu, a feature borrowed from the Galaxy Camera.

I remember when I make a documentary video in Lombok. When dealing with travel video recording my DSLR can’t do it perfectly. The scene can’t move smoothly because of lack of the quality. There’s a noisy sound around me which can bother when I watch the video later. I hope Samsung NX2000 can beat it. It has 1080/30p (H.264/MPEG-4), it means 30 whole progressive frames at 1080 lines each per second, cool isn’t it?

One more thing that makes Samsung NX2000 much better than a DSLR, it has a microphone input system for full wrap-around S-T-E-R-E-O sound! No more noisy sounds, my travel story will be documented perfectly, with a great image and amazing video, my journey will be more unforgettable.


Connect Your World

After taking a good picture and video, then what? It’s time to share it. Last but not least, the greatest thing about Samsung NX2000 is this camera has WiFi and NFC. Can you believe that? You’ll be able to use its Wi-Fi connectivity in order to share and store images directly from the camera. It means that this camera helps me to connect to the world.

When I was in Natuna Island, the outer limit of the Indonesian territorial sea, after taking a photograph, and want move it to my laptop. I found that it was a very complicated way when I had to bring lots of cables to connect my DSLR to the laptop. Then I had to go to the internet café (Which only two units in the whole island) to share my photo to the others.

Samsung NX2000 boasts with an upgraded WiFi Connectivity and SMART CAMERA 2.0 technology. I don’t have to bring any cables and I won’t get confused anymore whether there is or isn’t an internet café. Whenever and wherever I want, I’ll just share a WiFi from my Smartphone, and Samsung NX2000 will help me to share it to the world. All I have to do is Just download the Samsung SMART CAMERA App (available on both Android and iOS platforms) and manage my photos quick and easy. What a SMART and very effective way provided by Samsung NX2000.

For me, it will be easier to constantly uploading photos to services such as Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s a clever idea and combats the need from consumers. I can sync my favorite services to a ‘Direct Link’ hot key for one-touch sharing. My friend or even my family can directly noticed my position immediately. Whether I am on my holiday, or just moving around in town.

Don’t get me wrong, this is great camera that takes great picture and has amazing reviews, oh I really love this NX2000. Hope this article helps you make a good decision in purchasing a digital camera.

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  1. maaauuuuuuuu, kemaren baru aja mimpi mau dapet nih kamera, eehh sekarang nemu reviewnya, ngiler, anyways, thanks for sharing

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