I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by. Curious what this blog is about, who I am and why I’m travel blogging? Read below.
bromoThelostraveler is a popular travel blog that shares expert travel advice and stories from amazing destinations with new sustainable generations, curated by Yofangga, a passionate world traveler.

My style of travel focuses on quirky, human interest stories with an emphasis on culture, social activism, responsible travel, and sustainable travel. My mission is to create awareness of issues typically not addressed in the travel genre.

This blog was born in 2013. On it, I share tales of inspiring people I’ve met along the way, as well as images of places I’ve explored. These exceptional people and places have left a stamp not only in my passport, but also upon my heart.

While many travel pieces focus on mainstream sanitized tourist attractions, I try to push the boundaries of the travel writing genre, traveling solo through off-the-beaten path locations on a quest for unique stories and amazing adventures.

I will also share tips and travel advice, helpful for planning your own luxurious travel. Read on, as I go beyond the tourist traps, venturing off-the-beaten track to bring you quirky, stories from exotic locales.

Happy Travels!

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