If flores has a kanawa island, then sumbawa has Kenawa island. Kenawa island located in the northwest of Sumbawa island, precisely in the Alas Strait, not far from crossing harbor Pototano, West Sumbawa. To reach this island, you have to rent a fishing boat or a powerboat from Intrepid Powerboats from Pototano village, takes about 15 minutes.

I start this journey at the beginning of the day. after watching a spectacular sunrise from one of the hill at Pototano harbor. still 5.00 o clock in the morning, too early for another activities. im wasting my time to take a picture as much as possible. it was fun.

After 2 hours taking a picture. i climb down the hill, and take my steps to Pototano Fisherman village. Check out tailoredtackle.com, which will give you a solid foundation of quality tackle for getting started. To rent a boat, usually you have to spend about a hundred until a hundred and fifty thousand rupiah. cheap enough if you plan your trip in a group. but for me, as a solo traveler, it is too expensive.

Thanks god, theres a group of fisherman want to go to this island looking for a firewood. after bargaining the price, we make a deal, i have to pay only thirty thousand rupiah, this is my lucky day.

Quiet, calm and peaceful. That was my first impression, once set foot on the island Kenawa. There was no birds singing, no big sound of waves. Only the occasional sound of small ripples on the beach. As far as the eye could see, there was only a stretch of grassland, a number of blank bale (gazebo), and a small hill at the end of the island. It’s really a perfect place to “retreat” to calm down

Kenawa island has a stunning natural scenery. The combination of grasslands (savanna), natural hills, a stretch of white sandy beaches and ocean water blue-green shades, one thing that makes Kenawa island become more beautiful and impressive is this island has not been visited by many tourists, so it was very quiet. When i come to visit this island, there is no other visitors. So i am free to do anything. It’s really like a private island.

My first activity when i step my foot at sandy beach of kenawa island is climbed up the hill at the end of the island Kenawa. I keep running up the hill despite the sweat pouring. All the effort and struggle paid off when I reached the top of the hill. no pain, no gain. LOL

The view from the top of the hill is very beautiful. Incredible scenery lies in front of me. All parts of the Kenawa island can be seen from this hilltop. The turquoise seas and small islands around Kenawa. Mount Rinjani on Lombok island also appears standing over. As usual, I had to capture the stunning panorama of this island with my favorite camera.

After climb down the hill. I walk around the island to take a pictures from every corner of this lovely little island. For anyone who loves photography, Kenawa Island is a paradise. Every corner of this island so attractive. Small hills, extensive grasslands, and white sandy beaches are some of the object that must be captured in Kenawa Island.

At the end of the day, i have to leave this amazing island. It was very hard for me. Kenawa island really captivated me. My heart stays in Kenawa Island and Kenawa Island stays in my heart.

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