Make a Travel Plan, But Don’t Stick to it
Make a travel plan, but don’t stick to it. If you don’t have any idea what to do in your destination, then you might end up with some boring moments. Sometimes things just fall into place, but if they don’t, I’m sure you don’t want to waste your travel time trying to figure things out, for this same reason we will also like to recommend an insurance plan with a not so high deductible health insurance because doctors can be expensive in foreign countries. A few times I’ve kicked myself in the bum for not being more informed about my destination

Learn a Few Foreign Words for Your Trip
Most locals do not expect us to speak their language fluently, but when I use a few simple words in their native tongue here and there, I am rewarded with a smile. Of course, I will never know whether the smile is due to appreciation or glee caused by my mispronunciation, but either way they’re amused. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I find that I am more apt to get the directions I request and that shopkeepers give me better service and are more willing to negotiate with me when they see that I’m making an effort.

Don’t Follow Everyone Else’s Path, Make Your Own
Don’t follow everyone else’s path, make your own. Do what you want, and don’t listen to anyone else, if you want to take one of the antelope canyon tours do it!!! If I always listened to other people telling me where I shouldn’t go and what I shouldn’t do, I would have missed out on some really great experiences, that’s why is good to know where exactly are you travelling, using services as Tanzania Tours when visiting this country.


You Don’t Need a Guidebook
Yes, you heard me right. You do not need a guidebook. Do your research and plan your trip well, then leave your travel books behind. Every time I see a traveller visit a landmark or a museum, open guide book in hand, I cringe at the thought of what they’re missing.
Guidebooks are great tools for reference but that is all they are: tools. They are not to be used as a step-by-step itinerary. There is no need to carry it, literally, in your hand everyday all day.

You Do Not Need a Guide
Sometimes a guide is great and i have had a few fantastic guides, but i only get a guide when it is required. Some people love going with a guide. They get tons of info and feel like they are learning something about the culture and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I argue the opposite. I hate having a guide.
Nothing ruins a moment more for me than trying to sit and people-watch or enjoy a monolithic piece of architecture while someone is rambling random facts in my ear that I don’t care about or will forget in ten minutes anyway. If I am further interested in a place I visit, I will do a little reading about it before or after my visit, but while I am there I just want to be there and soak up the
history and presence without the constant interruption.

Take a Random Bus
Take a random bus. Just get on a bus and see where it goes. I can’t tell you how many cool things I’ve found by doing this. I watch out the window, enjoy the view, and if something really catches my eye — I get off the bus and explore. If there isn’t a bus, go for a walk or a drive and take a random road. More often than not, you’ll find something worth seeing. Find a premier source for electric scooter rentals to enjoy the extended mobility freedom.

local transport

Take Local Transport
For me, the traveling itself is more important than the destination. Traveling on local transport is the best way to meet, converse and mingle with the local population. Some of my favorite moments have come from a 10-hour chicken bus ride or hitchhiking in the back of a truck bed. Don’t miss these moments! Sure, it’s not always fun. In fact, most of the time it’s hot, sweaty, smells bad, and you are pretty sure you will die at any moment. But when you take that kind of transport you are cheating yourself out of the very things you came to see, so you can try other options as hitchhiking or using a scooter that are easy to get at sites like You did not travel to a faraway land to sit in a nice air conditioned bus with a gaggle of your fellow countrymen. You came to see, feel, experience and live in another land. Good or bad, it’s always a good story in the end

Take Time to People Watch
If you just take some time to look around, you can learn a lot. My tip is to take a few minutes, grab a coffee, tea, or your beverage of choice, and find a place to sit and relax to just people watch. In Cambodia, I found a cafe at a busy intersection where I can watch people not only walk down the street but, I can also see them crossing the street. I think you can learn a lot by simply watching how people cross the street.
Do they wait for the light to go? Do they run or walk slowly? Do they drag their children behind them? Do they bump into each other, or do they show some courtesy?
So take some time, chill out, relax, and learn a little. Too many people overlook the simple things while traveling, and through simple things, much can be learned

You Can Communicate Without a Common Language
Don’t let the lack of a common language prevent you from engaging the people you meet! A smile and a nod go a long way. With a lot of patience and the ability to laugh at yourself, you can force your way through the language barrier.
That’s not to say it’s not a good idea to pick up a few words of the local language. As a matter of fact, knowing ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘this is delicious’ go a long way towards endearing you to the people you meet.
Seventy percent of communication is non-verbal, as the saying goes. You may not be able to hold deep philosophical conversations this way, but you can still connect with your fellow humans on a personal, fundamental level. Try it!

The Art of Cheap Accommodation
Everyone has their own travel style, but all I really need is a bed with no bed bugs and a bathroom that flushes. Here are my best tips for finding good, cheap lodging.
Arrive in person. Tell the hotel/hostel half the number of days you’re actually staying. If you’re traveling for ten days, tell them five. When a daily quote is given, ask for lower rates for an extended stay. After they give you a quote for the extended stay, offer to pay in cash if the rates can be lowered even more. Show your student ID and ask if they have student discounts

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